Basso and Brooke

I recently discovered Basso and Brooke, a Brazilian and British designing duo that has been hailed in the past few years as an up-and-coming force in fashion. They are known for their colorful, charming prints and Asian influenced designs.

Michelle Obama was seen wearing a gorgeous Basso and Brooke top to the White House Evening of Poetry and Music this past spring. Didn’t she look great? Then again, who wouldn’t in that chic, attractive design?

Basso and Brooke explained their reaction to Michelle Obama’s choice to :

“We were amazed when we saw the picture, She is such a strong, stylish lady – redefining a woman’s wardrobe – and for her to select us is an honour. The evening was a music and poetry event, and we think it worked perfectly for that.”

What I liked about the look was that it was it once incredibly classy, but at the same time it was playful, quirky, and intuitively aesthetically pleasing. The many colors complement rather than clash with each other, and the neutral, off-white background of the blouse is reminiscent of a Japanese temple. The top was a great choice for the artsy event.

Of course, even Basso and Brooke ready-to-wear clothes are way out of my price range, but one can gawk and dream. This well-crafted, asymmetrical numbercan be found at Neiman Marcus for a hefty $1,990.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Basso and Brooke, even if I can’t get my hands on their sartorial creations. *Sigh*


2 responses to “Basso and Brooke

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  2. looks way better on michelle than on the model!

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